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Laser Treatment for White Lesions in Dwarka

At our dental clinic we introduced Laser Dentistry with one of the advanced laser available (10 watt diode) & is one of the best treatment for white patches/white lesions.

At our medical Centre, we provide the best treatment for white lesions using the most modern laser technology and tools. Do not hesitate to drop in and receive highly effective treatment for different types of white lesions in the oral cavity. A white spot, patch, or lesion is normally considered benign and the patient usually neglects any further treatment. The patient is advised by our expert medical professionals not to neglect this potentially harmful condition.

Areas Which Could Be Affected By White Lesions

The oral cavity is very sensitive and white lesions usually appear in the following areas :-

• Lower part of the tongue (Ventral surface of the tongue)

• Floor of the mouth.

• Gums are also susceptible to white lesions and patches.

• Cheek mucosa (inner portion of cheek)

• Lip mucosa (inner portion of lips)

• Sometimes, Palate is also involved.

Signs & Symptoms

• Extreme pain and burning sensation in the oral cavity.

• When the oral mucosa does not respond to prescription drugs.

Traditionally treatment for white lesion is done with scalpel which involves bleeding & quite a lot of discomfort to the patient.

Case1 Before

White Sports Treatment

White lesion on cheek and gums.


White Sports Treatment

Healthy pink cheek & gums after laser treatment

Benefits of White Lesion Treatment using Laser Technology

The mucosal membrane in the oral cavity is soft and sensitive. The use of laser technology to treat white spots has the following advantages :-

1. PRECISE TREATMENT : Laser treatment is very accurate, precise, and reliable. The method only targets the affected areas of the oral mucosa and ensures that the teeth other structures remain safe.

2. NON-INVASIVE : The patient does not experience trauma or excessive pain during the treatment i.e Its comparatively PAINLESS

3. BLOOD FREE & NO DISCOMFORT : As opposed to conservative treatments, Laser treatment does not results in very mild bleeding or swelling.

4. TISSUE FRIENDLY : Laser is a very flexible and versatile treatment which is a highly suitable procedure for the soft oral mucosa.

5. LESS FOLLOWUP : The follow up visits to the dentist's office will be few in number as the area heals rapidly.

Results of Laser Treatment for White Lesions

1. LESS DISCOMFORT : The oral wound after the laser treatment is characterized by a smaller contraction of the tissue when compared to scalpel surgeries.

2. LESS TISSUE DAMAGE : During excision or cutting, the contraction and tissue loss occur in order to ensure that the wound is approximated round the edges.

3. BLOOD FREE : Blood flow stoppage and mild scarring along with wound sterilization will be the other benefits of laser treatment.

4. FASTER RECOEVRY : Recovery with tissue growth will result within 3 to 4 weeks with negligible chances of reoccurrence.