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Teeth Infection Control in Dwarka

We maintain absolute infection control to prevent spread of diseases.

We perform proper hand hygiene/hand washing, cleaning/disinfection/sterilization, vaccination, surveillance& monitoring to maintain proper Infection Control.

Procedures routinely followed are :

1) Barrier Control - Use of Mask, Eyewear & Gloves for each patient.

2) Sterilization –

a) STEAM STERILISATION (WET STERILISATION) – performed using Autoclave

b) COLD STERILISATION (DRY STERILIATION) is also performed as per Standard Guidelines of Infection Control

3) Maintenance of Sterilization :

a) UV chamber- for storage of sterile instrument.

b) Sterile pouches - for maintaining sterility of instruments

4) Disinfectants - on counter tops & other surface areas.

5) Disposable Items - disposable items are used where ever possible.