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She practices as a gum specialist, Implantologist and smile design specialist is practicing since 2003.

She has done advanced courses and workshops in:

1) Masters degree in Periodontology & Implantology.

2) Periodontics from King's College, London and Smile India, New Delhi.

3) Smile designing (composite & ceramic veneers) from New York University and Smile care, Mumbai.

4) Full mouth rehabilitation from New York University and Smile care, Mumbai.

5) Orthodontics from New York University and Smile care, Mumbai.

6) Fixed Prosthodonticsfrom New York University and Smile care, Mumbai.

7) Endodontics from New York University and Smile care, Mumbai.

She is a Member of :

• American Academy of Periodontology

• International Team for Implantology

• Indian Society of Periodontology

• Indian Academy of Aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry(LIFETIME MEMBER)

About Us


At Smile Dentistry our vision is to offer dental care of excellence, ethically. We assure to provide a complete dental & oral care solution to your problems with utmost care. We leverage best-in-class machinery & equipment, and utilize the latest pain-management technology to provide affordable & comfortable healthcare of the highest quality.

We have always taken our treatment procedures in parallel with the latest medical & dental technology.

Smile dentistry is amongst few clinics in Delhi offering Laser Treatments for your dental problems.

We at Smile Dentistry adhere to the highest standards in clinic safety and hygiene, customer service, with a constant focus on quality, ethics and transparency.



The scope of treatment offered is based on the concept of Total Dental Care, To Improve the Quality of life and not merely to eliminate disease.

About the Clinic


1• Smile Makeovers / corrections – proper designing and makeovers are done to enhance your smile.

2• Diagnosis and proper treatment of major gum diseases- Gum surgeries are performed for proper control of gum infections and gum diseases.

3• RCT (Root Canal Treatment) done with Apex Locators and Rotary instruments to deliver fast & top quality work.

4• Implants – we choose amongst a wide variety what is best for you.

5• Orthodontic Treatment – proper alignment of irregular teeth with orthodontic treatment.

6• Ceramic and composite Veneers with brand materials which parallel with international standards for that perfect Hollywood smile.

7• All type of crowns-ceramic crowns (Zirconia crowns, Porcelain fused to metal crowns)

8• Ceramic and metal braces & along with that we also have clear aligners (Invisalign) in Orthodontics.

9• RVG - Instant Digital X-Ray for a hassle-free and convenient dental X-Ray.

10• Intra-Oral Camera- for best view of your oral cavity from all angles & to maintain transparency in treatment.

11• Sterilization: 5 stage sterilization is followed in clinic.

• STEAM STERILISATION (WET STERILISATION) as well as COLD STERILISATION (DRY STERILIATION) is also performed as per standard guidelines of infection control.

• All sterilized instruments & articles are properly stored in U.V.CHAMBERS to maintain sterility.



1. LANAP, Periodontics and beyond: A Review ()

2. Management of Mucosal Fenestration using PRF & Tetracycline fibers: A Case Report ()



• Diagnosis & Treatment of Major gum diseases.

• Painless Laser Treatment for lesions of oral cavity

• Painless Laser Treatment for Bleeding gums

• Treatment of Recessive Gums

• Smile makeover in a day with advanced technology.

• Smile enhancement by tooth contouring

• Instant Tooth Whitening.

• Instant Digital X-Rays

• Metal free crowns

• Composite and ceramic veneers

• Painless Root-canal treatment

• Immediate Implants



1) Visited for Dental Cleaning Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time.

2) Visited for RCT - Root Canal Treatment Happy with Doctor friendliness. ********* ********* ** patient friendly environment. The diagnosis and treatment procedure was very well explained a d treatment done with minimum discomfort.

3) Visited for Mucogingival Surgery Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue. It was nice n good experience. I have been following up for more than 5 years. Value the opinion given by Dr. Amrita Jha

4) Visited for Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentistry Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time I went clinic for my wife(Nanditakumari) teeth RCT, It was well professional world class approach, She and her all staff well trainned, They listen properly and treated as expected. fully satisfied. **** ****** ** ********* Best of luck dr. and your team.

5) Visited for Composite tooth filling Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time ********* *** ** **** ****** * she make me confortble to understand real issue , *** **** * ** ******** ** **** * Even her all staff is so friendly . Thank you very much doctor and all the best for your dedication for society.

6) Happy with Treatment satisfaction, Value for money

It was the year 2004 when first time my wife shared her dental problem with me. A well wisher of mine suggested Dr.AmritaJha’s ‘Smile Clinic’, in sector 22, Dwarka (earlier location). As it was close to our house, I escorted my wife to the Clinic. On the way my first thought made me little susceptible about Clinic’s goodwill as I was given a feedback that it was a recent set up with young doctor. My assumption was proved wrong when my wife expressed all praise for the doc and her painless treatment. In subsequent visits her dental phobia vanished. Looking at the number of patients waiting at the clinic dissipated my doubts about doc’s professional knowhow. Over a period of time I too visited her well- equipped present Clinic two to three times in Sector 23, Dwarka. I was highly impressed the way Dr. Jha herself as well her team how effectively they communicate with the patients, especially the senior citizens. Dr. Jha ensures that her patients feel at home. She comforts her patients with her humanely nature. She is quite considerate in her treatment charges. She also insists that her every patient not only be aware of healthy oral and dental hygiene but be a flagbearer in spreading its message in one’s own family as well in social circle.

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