Single Tooth Dental Implant

Single Tooth Dental Implant: Why To Prefer It Over Other Dental Treatment Procedures Like Dental Bridges?

In spite of several improvements in the sphere, several people across the world suffer from the problem of tooth loss. The primary reason behind this problem is tooth decay, tooth injury, and periodontal disease.

From the past few years, the only treatment option available for people with missing teeth was dentures and bridges. However, today with dental implant procedures, one can easily get treatment for tooth loss, be it multiple teeth or a single tooth.

 Dental implants refer to the replacement of tooth roots, they tend to provide a strong and sturdy foundation for the permanent or removable tooth replacement, and they can easily match your natural tooth, and they will look like your real tooth.

If you are suffering from the problem of missing a single tooth, then you can prefer the crown or dental implant procedure to replace it. With the dental implant procedure, you will get a replacement for the lost natural tooth and also its root.

Why You Should Prefer a Single Tooth Dental Implant Instead of Bridge?

Comparison of Dental Implants and Bridges (Medical Animation)

Often while one thinks about the treatment for the single missing tooth, the only procedure that would come to the minds of the individual is the bridge procedure. But the dental implant procedure for the single tooth is more beneficial, and also it will be convenient for the patient. The dental implant comprises numerous advantages over regular tooth replacement procedures.

The primary benefits of using the dental implant procedure is that it looks and functions like a natural tooth, and also, the dental implant replaces the single tooth without damaging the health of the neighbouring tooth.

Apart from a dental implant, the other common treatment for the loss of a single tooth is the tooth-supported fixed bridge, and in this procedure, the adjacent teeth is to be ground down so as to provide support to the cemented bridge.

In the dental implant procedure, as the tooth is replaced, the bone of the tooth can be preserved in a better manner.

However, with the bridge tooth replacement procedure, the surrounding bone tends to get resorb and also deteriorate. But the dental implant procedure tends to integrate with the individual’s jawbone and thereby help in keeping the bone intact as well as healthy.

Taking into consideration the long term benefits of the single tooth dental implant procedure, it is found that the single tooth dental implant can be easy to maintain as well as esthetic in contrast to the bridge procedure.

In the bridge dental implant procedure, the gums around the bridge can easily recede, and this leaves a visible defect when the collar of the bridge or the metal base tends to become get exposed. Moreover, the resorbed bone beneath the bridge can often lead to an unattractive smile.

Similarly, the cement holding of the bridge gets washed out in numerous instances, and this enables the bacteria to decay the teeth which anchor the bridge.

You can also go through a checklist Designed by American Academy of Implant Dentistry: "Dentures versus Dental Implants: Which are Right for You?"

Advantages of Dental Implant Procedure

Above, we have discussed why the dental implant procedure should be preferred over the bridge dental procedure.

Now let us have a brief look at some of the benefits of single tooth dental implant procedure and why this is a popular choice:

  • Improved appearance- The dental implant for the single tooth can look and feel like a natural tooth. They are designed in such a manner that they fuse with the bone and get permanent, and hence, can look like a natural tooth.
  •  Enhanced speech- Often, with the poor-fitting dentures and loose bridges, the teeth get slipped within the tongue and resulting in slur or mumbling while speaking. But with the dental implant, these things does not happen, and hence they enable the patient to speak without any worry and also, the teeth will not slip.
  • Enhanced comfort- As the single tooth dental implant becomes a part of you, hence it significantly removes the discomfort you might face in case of any other tooth-replacement procedure.
  • Smooth and easier eating-In case of dentures, often the patient report that after the procedure, they have a problem eating any food. This is due to the fact that the dentures often slip. In comparison, dental implant are like natural teeth and thereby enabling you to eat your favourite and delicious foods without any pain.
  •  Enhanced self-esteem- With the dental implant, you can have a natural and mesmerizing smile; thereby, it can enhance your self-esteem.
  •  Improved durability- The durability of the dental implant are significantly more in contrast to the other single tooth dental procedure. And they can last for a lifetime without getting damaged easily.

How the Dental Implant will be Placed

We have been discussing the dental implant for a long time, and you might be thinking about how it looks. To quench your thirst for this question, the answer is the dental implant looks like a cylinder or screw which is placed into the jaw of the patient.

And after the completion of the dental implant procedure for the next 2-6 months, your teeth bone and implant get time to bond together, thereby forming an anchor for your artificial tooth.

At this time, the temporary tooth replacement option given at the time of treatment can be worn on the implant site.

Similarly, in the second step of this dental implant procedure, it is vital to uncover the implant and also attach an extension at that site.

The temporary healing cap tends to provide the foundation on the site where your new tooth will be placed. Following this procedure, your gums will be allowed to heal for a few weeks.

It remains essential to know that there are some implant procedures that are known as one stage, and in this, the second step is not required.

In this type of dental implant system, a type of implant is used, which comprises of the extension piece attached, and your periodontist might also advise you after a thorough examination which type of implant is beneficial and convenient for you.

In the third step of the dental implant procedure, a replacement tooth, also known crown, will be created for you, and it will be attached to a small metal post which is known as an abutment.

After a few moments of this dental implant procedure, you shall experience enhanced and restored confidence in your smile and also have an efficient ability to speak and chew your favourite foods.

The dental implants are natural-looking and also provide you with a feeling of a natural tooth, and you will not experience that you have ever lost a tooth.

Hence, you shall definitely consult your periodontist and replace your missing tooth is up to 99%, and with proper and effective care, these implants can last for a lifetime.

And this dental implant procedure is not painful; rather, it is painless, and also, a little discomfort is involved in this dental implant procedure. You can have your dental implant for single without any worry.