Modern Dentistry: Overview, History and More


Modern dentistry refers to that branch of dentistry that uses modernized equipment, state of the art facilities and other technologies in the process of dental treatments.

Pierre Fauchard is regarded as the father of modern dentistry. Using the latest technologies and advanced equipment, modern dentistry tends to restore the health and function of the individual’s teeth and also enable them to smile freely, enjoy their favourite meals and also have good oral hygiene. 

Some of the latest technologies which the modern dentistry sphere use to provide painless dental treatment to the individual are an intraoral scanner, digital x-ray, digital anaesthesia, computer-guided surgery, 

cone beam CT scanner etc. and many more. Modern dental treatment can significantly impact the quality of dental health of an individual.

Earlier, when one used to hear about dental treatment, the only thing which would come to mind was pain, use of obsolete instruments, etc. But modern dentistry is different from traditional dentistry. Here along with modern treatments, procedures and facilities, invasive treatment, painless dentistry, control of dental infection etc., all are given due importance

History of Dentistry

Dentistry, also referred to as oral medicine or dental medicine, is a branch of medicine that comprises the study of diagnosis, treatment, prevention of disorders, diseases and various conditions of the oral cavity.

The sphere of dentistry consists of the teeth along with various other aspects of the craniofacial complex. The practitioner in the field of dentistry is known as a dentist or dental surgeon. 

The first people to perform dentistry was in France and China, and they were barbers. They were further categorized into two different groups known as lay barbers and guild of barbers.

Among them, the latter were more educated and qualified dental surgeons in contrast to the former. The guild barbers were trained to perform regular hygienic services such as tooth extraction and shaving.

As we have mentioned earlier, Pierre Fauchard, who hails from France, is regarded as the father of modern dentistry. He was the first to publish 

a scientific textbook which is based on the different techniques and practices of dentistry. Fauchard also made significant improvisations of the dental instruments, and one of the most notable among them was the introduction of a dental filling, which was to be used in case of dental cavities.

He also invented numerous methods to replace the lost teeth and also introduced dental braces. The study of dentistry had rapidly expanded after Pierre Fauchard the study of dentistry had expanded rapidly.

Several major advances in this field were made, and dentistry evolved from an ordinary field of trade to a profession.

In the sphere of modern dentistry, several things have evolved. Some of them include modern treatment, invasive treatment, laser dentistry, painless dentistry, dental infection control, microscopic dentistry etc. Lets us have a brief look at these advancements in the field of dentistry.

Modern Treatment

Earlier, visiting a dentist for a checkup used to make people anxious and fearful. The primary reason behind this was the painful experience of dental checkups. But with modern dentistry, this notion is completely removed from the mind of the individual, especially the children.

With the new and advanced modern dental treatment and integration of new technologies and procedures in the realm of dentistry, things have taken a drastic change. Now visiting a dentist for regular checkups is not a matter of fear and pain.

Modern dentistry uses some new treatment procedures such as the dental implant, Invisalign, ozone therapy, and sedation therapy, making dentist visits more seamless, comfortable, and hassle-free for individuals.

Invasive Treatment

The invasive treatment refers to that dentistry procedure in which manipulation of gums perforation of the oral mucosa are involved. Some procedures such as gum surgery, extraction, dental implant, etc., are used in this type of dental treatment.

Painless Dentistry

One of the major factors for which modern dentistry is famous is due to painless dentistry. Painless dentistry does not only mean numbing up so that you do not feel any discomfort during the dental procedure.

But on, stress is given on each and every detail, right from visiting the clinic for an appointment to leaving the clinic after the checkup or treatment as a stress-free and painless procedure.

Various techniques and procedures are used so as to ensure that the patient does not feel any kind of pain or discomfort during the checkup or treatment.

Laser Dentistry

In modern dentistry, to provide a painless experience to the patient, laser technology is incorporated into dental procedures.

Laser dentistry offers the patients an enhanced comfortable treatment option and also the procedures that involve the soft and hard tissues painless and seamless in contrast to the non-laser techniques and use of drills.

Laser dentistry is preferred by the dentist in different dental procedures such as treating gum disease, tooth decay, hypersensitivity, and whitening of teeth.

Microscopic Dentistry

Microscopic dentistry makes use of the state of art microscopes in order to provide close up images of the dental structures of the patients.

They can efficiently magnify the gums, oral tissue, teeth up to 20 times more than the naked eye. With this procedure, minor dental imperfections can be easily detected and also at the earliest stage.

By easily tracking down the tiniest sign of tooth injury or tooth decay, the treatments can be made overall effective and efficient. Thereby the patient has a reduced risk of developing severe concerns.

Dental Infection Control

Dental infection control and its importance in dental treatment- Modern dentistry is not just about the painlessness and incorporation of the modern and latest equipment in the sphere of dentistry.

But also includes keeping you safe dental chair and also using various infection control tactics in the dentistry sphere. Not only do the dentist and other professionals of modern dentistry care about the safety of the patient, but they also ensure that the patient is protected from germs and other harmful bacteria.

Dental Care 

In the realm of modern dentistry, apart from ensuring proper treatment and painless treatment to the patient, it also includes providing efficient and proper dental care to the patient.

Good dental care and oral care is vital in maintaining the health of the gums, teeth, tongue etc. The dentist provides you with information and tips on how to protect your oral health. Thus, with this, they ensure that you do not have to suffer from any serious dental problems.